Hunting is about escaping the hassles of everyday life and pursuing
your dreams and passions.  Timber Ridge Hunting Gear is about feeding
that addiction.

Timber Ridg
e is brought to you by Westfield Outdoors which has been helping our retail partners’
customers realize their dreams for 17 years.  Our manufacturing capability boosts an incredible
breadth of product categories.  

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We act as an extension of your organization from
the time that the
first concept drawing is made, to
when the first stitch is laid, to delivery, consumer
purchase, and most importantly -
-having a
satisfied hunter that knows they have the gear to
be successful in their adventures.

By combining the best manufacturing resources,
with the best in U.S. de
sign, service, sales, and
support, we feel that we have melded the best of
both worlds.

Welcome to the Timber Ridge Hunting Gear